McCallum Physical Therapy, P.C.  Corporate Services
  • Cost-Savings For Self-Insured Companies
  • Individualized, On-Site Therapy Programs
  • Production Area Ergonomic Assessments
  • Work Station Ergonomic Assessments
  • Work Conditioning, Injury Prevention Programs
  1. Office Areas
    Work Station assessment includes: recommendations for improved postures and equipment position, equipment purchasing (using predetermined budget) and self-management techniques to improve comfort. Often small but meaningful changes can increase employee comfort, satisfaction and productivity.
  2. Production Areas
    Ergonomic Risk Assessment Tools can be utilized to provide: recommendations for task or process improvement, visual and numerical data to reinforce safe work practices, identification of physical challenges that can be addressed through employee behaviors or work conditioning programs.
  3. Industrial Athletes/Pre Employment Tests
    For those jobs with Heavy/Moderate Heavy D.O.T. categories, Post-Offer, Pre Employment Testing for job candidates provides value during the hiring process as well as in the long term. The trained testers will provide an unbiased test result helping to identify job candidates that cannot safely perform the Critical Physical Demands. The early introduction to Safety Culture is a great way to set the expectation for injury prevention.
  4. Early Intervention/Rehab
    Work related injuries and "at home" injuries have the potential to side line your employees, reducing their productivity and increasing the medical benefit cost/staff replacement cost. Getting into rehab as quickly and conveniently as possible, can get the employee back to health (and work) faster. Convenient, on-site Physical Therapy is the answer to avoiding chronic injuries.
Most employees feel uncomfortable leaving work to go offsite for a health/rehab appointment. Provide them with a convenient, low cost option and they will take advantage of the opportunity to improve their well-being.